Third time around and JT has made a name as an actor for himself. Married and well established as a celebrity he has still got fans clamouring for more music. He has got the moves and he has got some soul. Only reason I'm reviewing this is because of the beats and because at the end of the day its all about the beat!

The 20/20 Experience continues where Future Sounds stopped. With funky and innovative experimentation's with the beats. Long 6 minute plus tracks are the norm like the opening cut PUSHER LOVE GIRL. A lovely staccato beat with a tad of southern old school jazz/funk flavour to it. Vocals compliment and finish the track to the fullest. Towards the end as with most tracks on this offering, there is a ± 2 minute breakdown of beats. Making your listening experience more pleasurable. SUIT & TIE has been playing all over radio the last few months and has become the staple of top 40 radio programmers.

Dance ... DON'T HOLD THE WALL is a favourite of mine just because of the magnitude of sounds and percussion that is being used in this track. A mid tempo beat with Timbaland displaying his trademark and somewhat old adlibs.  Some real crazy production going on here. I catch myself moving to this at times. 

I think as a beat connoisseur I only will look forward to the last few sections of all the tracks on here. The way beats get switched up almost on every track is on point. One of those tracks that has some weird 50's ending is STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM. Sounds more like lounge music if you ask me, with a Jazz twist! 

SPACESHIP COUPE comes at you complete with Dre-sque type "Chronic" bass line. It does add a touch of uniqueness to the track. 

So far this album does not use modern RnB formulas. It definitely has a 50's, 60's and 70's influences, which makes for a real refreshing listen. Such a track to back me up on that must be THAT GIRL. 

LET THE GROOVE GET IN steps up the pace and sounds like a latin american conga beat. Should go down good in the clubs. 

MIRRORS the second single is the tour de force on here. Very similar to CRY ME A RIVER it features Timbalands familiar ad libs etc. And JT's vocals and charisma on the hook ensures that this can do well on radio. 

All in all I looked forward to a classic album, but it misses the mark. 

Its All The About Beat! 
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