For as long as I can remember I have been exposed to books and documentaries that has to do with the link between popular culture ie. music, movies, games, and the occult.

Baphomet as far as I have read, is the higher "satan" type being which popular artists pray to and sacrifice to in exchange for excess fame and riches.

During the 80's at a church youth evening and through friends I was introduced to theories about popular musicians worshiping satan. I remember a producer friend of mine from Belgium giving me a book, which included some of my favorite musicians alphabetically noted from A to Z that was implicated as to being involved in the occult.

Most people, when exposed to material of this nature tend to believe it. They believe what they see and make others believe what they believe. In this day in age with society going to the dogs, it is possible to believe anything.
I can remember going to youth at church on Friday nights when I was 15 years of age. One evening our youth leader was playing Beatles and Elvis vinyl records backwards. By doing this a voice was heard. A subliminal message was being conveyed via music from satan. For a young teenager this was mind blowing. Inside you suddenly have this urge to go home and break up your record collection.

Interesting stuff right there. As a young teenager I was impressionable but it didn't bother me as my mother was a big music enthusiast. Mind you I had more important things to worry about than hidden messages in music. Girls, clothes, alcohol and parties on my mind.  

Growing up in a culture of rock, heavy metal and skateboarding I was already exposed to things satanic. The music was already off radar. Our clothing was questionable. Which in my mind was just a sign of rebellion against the apartheid system of the time. Hard music with swear words and hand signs that made us feel good. A teenagers life wasn't that grand like it is nowadays. Needless to say all this talk about the occult and its ties to popular culture is really some scary stuff.

One night back in 2001 after a weekend of debauchery and hard drugs I went to a friends house to have a few drinks. The beer was flowing and then later he pulled out a (another) book that contained an A to Z of artists that the author claimed to be having occult links.

Remember that after a weekend of drug usage I still had some drug remnants in my system. And naturally I freaked out that night. It felt like I was possessed at that moment. I told my friend that I am leaving as I couldn't take this dark feeling I was experiencing at that moment.

Maybe the lesson learned there was don't do drugs.
Recently I stumbled on a DVD that addressed this topic. It was so far fetched  I actually didn't even pay attention. It implicated gospel singers, a popular church network and actors. That was when it just got way too much. I took it with a pinch of salt. But what kept on coming back to me was, why would somebody or people release material like this. What do they have to gain out of this? Today we all strive for financial freedom and to excel in our careers and gain recognition. Is this what they are looking for? Is this what they want?

Symbolism in music videos, movies and games are rife. Does it mean anything? I don't know but its interesting and makes for that never ending search for the TRUTH.  

Are these whistle blowers doing us good or doing us harm?
But this same topic has been coming up year in and year out. Is it the truth or just another conspiracy theory. The onus is on you the individual to make that decision whether you believe it or not.
I chose not to name any of todays popular artists as you can do your own research and choose to make up your own mind on this topic.

Remember At The End Of The Day Its All About The Beat!
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